Artyści muzyczni - zespół ŻAL

Artyści muzyczni - zespół ŻAL
Today is an official release of debut album of band ŻAL. In a little more than a month you'll be able to see the boys on Interference Festival 2017!
ŻAL - electronic-vocal-guitar duo, geared for quick success on the international music scene. They play a pleasant dance-song music, perfect for humming and foot tapping. Vintage dance electronic, straight out of 80s, is spiced with dirty guitar solos. Their set of instruments includes: drummachine, monophonic synthesizer and loops recorded on warm analog synthesizers, plus guitar and vocal. This music is a reminiscent of such classics as New Order, Bronski Beat, Massive Attack or David Bowie.
Today we want to invite you to concert of ŻAL in Chmura club in Warsaw!


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