Music Artists - Dick4Dick

Music Artists - Dick4Dick

Dick4Dick is a Woo!Man (Mystic 2017)

Dick4Dick are back with new material and deal the cards again! 7th album of the group is titled „Dick4dick is a Woo!Man“ and is an essence of this rowdy formation. Once again they are one step ahead and break fresh ground: it's catchy but at the same time teasing. The title of the album is not accidental: for the first time we'll hear female vocals in all of the arrangements! As guests appeared: Natalia Nykiel, Joanna Chowaniak, Julita Zielińska, Marsija, Ania Ołdak, Woska and Halszka. 
Dicks continue their journey through futuristic, synthetic worlds and they're not going to slow down their speeding machine. 
They'll perform preview material from their upcoming album in a light & visual show antourage during this year's edition of Interference Festival.


Silver Ballads, Zgniłe Mięso Rec. 2005
Grey Album, Dickie Dreams 2008
Legendary Dick4Dick, Mystic 2009
Summer Remains, Mystic 2009
Who’s Afraid Of?, Mystic 2010
5, Mystic 2013
Tau Ceti e, Dickie Dreams 2016