Music Artists - URBAŃSKI

Music Artists - URBAŃSKI
We are presenting the next music artist of upcoming Interference Festival 2017!
During one of the festival days on the main stage of The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre will perform Wojtek Urbański
- music producer, composer and sound designer. He was a founding member of RYSY - a duo, which took the Polish electronic music scene by storm. Now focusing mainly on his solo project URBANSKI, he explores further what inspires him the most - techno and house. On the side of his music production, he writes sound tracks for film and theatre. He likes to collaborate, recently with the jazzman Wojtek Mazolewski and on a regular basis with the soloist Justyna Święs.
The album ‘Selected Works’ sums up a certain period of his work.
Wojtek Urbańskiabout his work:
The understanding of layering is crucial in my scheme of work. For many years I have perceived sound and music as numerous layers that are stacked on each other. When I listen to music, or generally to all of the surrounding sounds, I often dissect them in my head trying to focus and hear each particular sonic element. Every single sound in fact comprises multiple sounds produced at the time. When making music, I reverse the process by trying to achieve my final sound by layering the content. Initially, it is not about the melody. Instead, I try to conceive and create a uniform pitched sonic magma. I usually start at the highest
register – a sort of almost inaudible constant noise – by looping it. Then, by exploring the lower register I add consecutive layers of screeches. Afterwards, I examine the mid frequencies to find a proper match. Subsequently adding more and more harmonic content I progressively delve into the lower registers. Therefore, I build multiple layers that create the sound that is inspiring to me. Such rich spectrum of tones uniformly playing is an inspiring base for seeking the right melody. I record the rest
of the instruments, create rhythms, melodies and arrange the track only after building this foundation.
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