Music artists - Weiss Video Orchestra

Music artists - Weiss Video Orchestra
WEISS Video Orchestra

Classical set of instruments treated in an extremely extraordinary way.
Touching organic acoustics versus digital rumble.

Szymon Weiss leads a symphony orchestra of twenty artists on an unexplored track, yet he doesn't wade in indigestible abstraction. What is more, the whole is a tasteful and consistent, thought-out formation. But primarily demanding. The listener should retune his 'music receiver' to a new musical language (like a fusion of classical Latin with hybrid Esperanto).

Weiss will oscillate around his characteristic strong techno theme, because he'll intertwine them with nostalgic interludes, lyrical journeys in symphony parts. Then he'll lead us in a smooth way to the dancefloor with radical electronic.

Weiss Video Orchestra is a courageous project. Very mature and unprecedented on Polish ground. Away from conservatism. The effort of overtaking to new niches to reach Meisterstück
Motto: #technoisnotenough

It's worth mentioning that the artist will also play parts on jazz drums.