The end is happening* [edition 2019 manifesto]

We've extended contest deadline till October 31, 2019

Interference Festival 2019
8-9 November 2019


The end is happening.

There will be no horsemen of the apocalypse, Nibiru cataclysm, coming of the Antichrist or Messiah's return. There will be no meteor outburst as seen in Hollywood films. The end of the world won't be the end of the Earth or life on there. The planet itself is perfectly capable of recognizing which factor needs to be removed to restore homeostasis. The factor which causes the biggest interference, which got out of control and crossed the point of no return. Many have thundered, warned, begged - all for nothing. After all, we are the masters of the world, supermen, the most perfect of all living beings, opus magnum of the evolution. Meanwhile, the planet had enough. While we mourn burning monuments, the Earth is more interested in what we did to its organs. Everything subtly woven for the common good of all living creatures. All of it is burning, dying, melting. There are no second chances and asking for forgiveness. In the blink of an eye we won't be there at all. This is why we're inviting you to a last dance. The Danse Macabre in the face of the Apocalypse. The dance in the sea of plastic, on the desert of waste equipment, in the rivers of blood of murdered animals and in the mountains of reckless procreation.

A farewell dance.




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